Port Douglas Hotels – Inside Port Douglas

Port Douglas, Australia is located at the Far North Queensland and known to be the most beautiful part of Tropical North Queensland. This place has so many places to be proud of. There is so much to offer especially during the holiday season. The Great Barrier Reef And the spectacular Daintree forest to name a few.

The influx of tourists there is getting higher during May-September, which is the peak of their tourism.

Every year Port Douglas really attracts tourists and locals alike to two significant festival periods. The original and world renowned festival the Port Douglas Carnivale is on around the end of May and runs for 10 days over two weekends beginning with Macrossan Street Parade attracting over 10,000 people. The second festival period is held over two weekends in October and consists of the Footprints Music Festivalan Eco/Arts Festival and “Portoberfest” a Far Northern Queensland Beer Festival. Well, both periods really showcase and celebrate the regions unique tropical island like lifestyle.

With just one hour north of Cairns Domestic International airports, you can easily go explore the beauty of the surrounds. With the superb climate all year round, the charming and friendly, village atmosphere it will be a perfect place for “getaways”.

Most tourists enjoy this place because of its genuine laid-back tropical feel that really does make you feel alive. Away from home, you will surely enjoy what this place can offer. Since it is known to be the style capital of the far north with arts and crafts stores, souvenirs,clothing shops, supermarkets, pubs, luxurious hotels and a treasure chest full of reliable restaurants, eateries, and cafes.

Sailing boats, high-speed catamarans, cruising and dive vessels depart from Marina daily, giving you easy access to the great barrier reef and its world of colourful marine life.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest complex of coral reefs in the world. For those who loves diving, its a perfect place go. Warm tropical waters provide excellent conditions for comfortable and relaxed diving and snorkeling all year round.

Discover the breathtaking Northern Tropics of Australia through pristine Daintree Rainforest walks and safaris, diving and snorkelling the reef and sailing the waterways. Be inspired by the amazing array of nature and wildlife and its glorious simplicity.

You have to book for Port Douglas hotels, so you can fully enjoy your vacation. With the great and superb services you will surely enjoy. Choose from the wide arrays of amenities that will suit your needs, the spas, the health centre, the gym, the salon, the swimming pool, bars, shopping malls, where you can find items that you can bring back home as souvenirs and stuff for yourself and for your loved ones.

The climate is seductive. It is such a bliss going to this place, where you can relax, refresh and restore, and revitalize. Balmy days dissolve into tropical evenings with velvet starry skies. The tropics are a feast for the senses; the sights, sounds and tastes; you will never want to leave! Book for Port Douglas hotels now and start planning your vacation.

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